Hot Platform Professional Jobs

Hot Platform Professional Jobs

Here are a few active searches underway for platform professionals

Platform network effects do not just happen. They need to be catalyzed. Once catalyzed, they must be cultivated—continuously. This requires proactive management and therefore specialized talent. A review of recent job descriptions for Ecosystem/Community Managers indicates clear that these roles seek to fulfill two broad functions. One is to activate network effects on the demand side of the platform. This is a critical function as this is what generally drives revenues from users/customers. The other is to activate network effects on the supply side of the platform. These are the third-party complements that provide the content or functionality of the platform. The diagram below illustrates these two core contributions.


Here are a few links to positions listed above.

Peloton, Senior Manager, Community

Cohesity, Vice President, Ecosystems

Amazon Web Services, Head, AWS Developer Relations, North America

Wix, Developer Advocate

Harlem Capital, Platform Community Manager

TikTok, Creator Community Development Specialist


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