What is a Platform Data Manager?

What is a Platform Data Manager?

Data is now so central to many platform strategies that companies have specific groups to oversee data strategy and management. These teams work with the engineering teams but extend beyond to address the many specific issues required to collect, manage, and process large volumes of data.

Platform data managers provide technical leadership on data platform architecture and design; track and advise on emerging data technologies; define data standards and best practices for managing data platform and solutions; and create road maps to evolve the data platform to maximize business impact and minimize business risk. Platform data managers also collaborate with platform engineering leaders to define the long-term data strategy to help the company leverage data as a competitive advantage.

These roles also lead or partner with multifunctional teams to define data access, datasecurity and data privacy guidelines. At the most senior levels, this type of role requires a strong mixture of big data processing, measurement, analysis & application experience, large scale data platform & service experience, and well as data governance and regulation.

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