What is a Platform Ecosystem Manager?

What is a Platform Ecosystem Manager?

This role comes with a variety of different titles; for example: Director, Global Community and Developer Relations Lead; Partnerships Growth Manager; Director, Community Engagement; Developer Relations and Alliance Director, Global Platform Partnerships. 

While the role may come with different labels, the goal is to fill the growing demand for leaders who can build and manage third-party contributors to the platform.

One example from the financial services sector is a role posted by the British bank Barclays, which posted a position for a Partner Manager, Platform Ecosystem.  The job role stated: “As a Senior Product Manager, you will drive and communicate the overall Global Platform strategy and vision with business partners, with internal and external stakeholders and within the wider team. You’ll be passionate about the user experience, delivering a useful and usable product that provides a delightful customer experience in alignment with CX principles.”

A platform ecosystem manager helps develop a voice and social strategy, find and engage new partners, and participate in customer and partner discussions. These are external value creation functions. Key responsibilities include monitoring for and listening to net promoters and net detractors. Resolving complaints offers an opportunity to improve the product and increase satisfaction. Enabling and rewarding compliments helps the advocates promote the ecosystem.

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